Monday, April 14, 2008

Just Write Tuesday

I wonder sometimes--during warm cloudless days when I'm dreaming of the ocean--if there isn't some underlying intelligence to the color scheme of our world. Blue skies above us, if we're lucky. Over seventy percent of uncharted oceans surround us, cradle us and reflect blue back to us.

Blue is supposed to be a calming color. Peace. Salve. Tranquility. Our world is painted these things. Maybe the designer (in this scenario, there is one) knew we would all feel edgy, knew all the craziness we would conjure up and knew we would need to live in a blue world. Maybe blue is nature's prozac.

This used to be my favorite color, but now it’s red.

Red like rubies and blood. Deep red. Red like velvet roses and ugly velvet curtains. Red like lava and Rudolph’s nose. Red with tiny silver beads. Red with texture. Red lipstick that tastes like cherries and red high heels that transport you to magical places of daring and dancing. Daring to dance.

Click Click.

Take me any place but home.

Maybe I am just craving the feeling of being alive, being bold.

Sometimes when you are tired of blue, red is just the thing to sink your teeth into.


Scott R. Davis said...

blue is best. but we are america. blue is for the depth of the ocean and the potential that we will never grasp all that God has for us. white is for purity and red is for the redemption from God's blood. plus, our country's colors are red and white and blue and all those colors are equally impressive.

Shawn said...

I'm in love with red these days, too. This speaks volumes of how boring our lives must seem these days, huh?

Did you get that haircut yet?

Nice post ... Just Write Tuesdays. Sounds like a blog project to me ... wink, wink. Not that you're into getting your stats or anything. ; )

bella said...

I LOVED this post.
Red is my favorite color too. It was my grandma Abbott's color, the color of her robe and lipstick and dresses and coat. she was color in my childhood.
Second up? It would have to be green, the color of growing things.

Shannon said...

Scott- that's very deep (ocean pun intended). Thanks for commenting.

Shawn- Blog project sounds alot like commitment. (hives) I may do it anyway. And no, not yet..I'm afraid in my state I'll do something drastic, which come to think of...I may be about due for.

Bell I can definitely see red being your favorite color! lol

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a vampire. Or an apple lover. Or both.

Shannon said...

Hmmm, you know, Karen, I've never tried to write a vampire story. Maybe one is trying to write itself.

Anonymous said...

I love blue, but to the artist eye.. it has many hues. I see it on the green side, the purple side and bits of is full of deep blues with lemon white burst. I do not see in rainy black and white but colors for light.

Anonymous said...

interesting. red. the most emmotional of all colors. the color that makes your heart beat faster and your breathing quicken. Also the target of cops and thieves (or, is there really a distinction to be made there?). The attention color, the "here I am" color. The color of roses and passion, the color of fun... Maybe you are just color deficient and need to add some back into your life... life would be boring without red

Shelli said...

I have always associated the color red with courage. I think that notion came out of a dream I had, but I don't remember the dream. Just the color.