Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Dog's Life

I've mentioned before how I always knew I wanted to be a writer, but--thanks to worshipping James Harriot growing up--I also thought I could be a vet. Animals have always been an important part of my life. In fact, there has never been a period of time in my life that I haven't had a dog. My parents had dogs, and when I moved out of their house and on my own at eighteen, the first thing I went out and got, not furniture...but a dog. He was a wild mop of a dog who liked to sleep on my pillow and pee on the pizza man, and--looking back--I can't imagine making it through those hellish, hyper-turmoil years without his cuddling and silent love.

This week, something special began emerging regularly between the boys and our dog. Maybe it's because she's allowed around them more (as they are tall enough now she doesn't run them over) and they are old enough to understand why they can't poke her in the eyes.

They are all beginning to bond. It's an amazing thing to watch now that I'm watching.

I got hooked on this prison show a while back where inmates were given a rescued dog from the pound to turn into a service dog. I fell hard for this show as I watched man and beast melt under the power of unconditional love. It was amazing, not only watching how the attention turned the dog around, but how it opened up the possibilities for hope in the men that grew to care about them.

I'm hoping that's the lesson being given and taken as my boys discover man's best friend.

Here's a great example:

A moment of time-out transformed into heaven for both parties.

Oh, and this may be cheating, but since this peace and bonding at our house this week was the highlight of my week, I'm using it as my weekly F-U-N posting!


Shawn said...

No, not cheating at all ... great photos of some great moments. That's what it's all about. I swear that it's the times when I have the camera out that I'm paying the most attention, having the most fun.

Makes me sad to think that maybe Prince and the girls would have gotten along better eventually ...
: (

Shannon said...

I feel like that about the camera, too...except sometimes I just want to live the moment instead of worrying about framing and lighting. Ignorance is bliss sometimes.
I think it depends on the temperment of the dog, too. Some dogs just don't like children crawling all over them.

Dorothy said...

The one picture is so funny: I know he's hunched over, but the dog is taller than the little fella (sorry, I can't tell them apart enough to name which one). That's cute. Good stuff.

Hear anything on your number five spot yet?

Eva said...

That's great! I have pretty serious allergies so our children may be pet deprived, though lately they love meeting doggies on walks (I know it's not the same thing). It's great that your children can have that, and they are great photos.

Shelli said...

Isn't that great? I love your photos.

It took a while before I would take Aidan into the back yard because our puppy, Banjo, would bombard him and nip at his fingers. He still does, but it's easier to control now that A is bigger. It's fun to see how they bond. Although A definitely loves our older dog much better, who is very calm and will just stand there as he pets her! We also have a cat, and she never fails to make A smile and giggle!