Monday, March 24, 2008

Update Tidbits

1) I have found so many amazing, inspiring people through this wonderful, wacky medium of blogging. One of those woman is Bella, who has introduced us to her friend Jenni Ballantyne, a woman who is living with terminal cancer. She is a single mom with a six year old son, Jack. She is bravely sharing her journey with those who are brave enough to step through the looking glass and be with her. If you'd like to help her and her son out, a group of friends are organizing a fund-raiser, click HERE for information about the ebay auction or other ways to show some love.

2) On a lighter and so much less important note: I have rewritten the parts of my novel that needed to be rewritten, added scenes, fixed grammer, dots, lines, stupidity...I'm sufficiently satisfied with the results and sufficiently tired of looking at it, so I've jumped on the query-mobile. As always, out of ignorance or the over-achiever gene, I've aimed high and sent out the first five to my dream agents. Sooooo...cross your fingers, light a candle or kiss a fairy for me. I'll just be here clicking my heels together and obsessively checking my email.

3) And last but not least, is my rekindling interest in photography. Maybe it's because finishing such a large project is giving me a bit of creative breathing room, or maybe I'm just catching the enthusiasm bug from some of the photography blogs I've been discovering lately, but I've decided it's time to stop thinking of photo shop as the digital equivalent of cheating. I've been wrestling with learning layers these past few days...and by wrestling I mean being pinned to the mat by these mind-bending suckers. But, I'm not down for the count yet.

So, donate, pray, stop by Jenni's blog and leave some light and kind words of support...time is love.


Shelli said...

Congrats on getting your novel out! My fingers are crossed for you.

I LOVE Shutter Sisters too. And I'm praying for Jen too.

bella said...

Thanks for posting about our auction for Jeni!
And wow, a big congrats on completing the novel and sending out queries. You have inspired me, truly.
Enjoy the freed creative energy, taking photos and having fun.

Shawn said...

Congrats! Can't wait to see some of your photos ... it must be so freeing to have that novel done and sitting on someone else's desk for a while! I think about how I'm trying to do too much and, therefore, am not really doing any one thing well right now. I guess that's life, though. Especially life as a mom, with dreams and goals.

Anonymous said...

Here's sending you "query faeries" for good luck!

Shannon said...

Thanks for the all words of support, they mean more than you know. This is about the time I start feeling really insecure about what I've just done.

And Bella, I tried to put in the nice little button your friend made for Jeni, but I couldn't get it to link back. I'm apparently technology-challenged, sorry.

Po-Ho said...

You ever going to write another blog, or just sit there and look pretty? :-p

On a different note: the little girl that works at this nearest outpost of a convenient store has gotten a flower on her foot--she already had a tramp stamp on the ankle of the same leg. LOL I love that term. I only recently learned it.

Anyway, I'm thinking you're greatly overexaggerating Sadie's: this girl, and hell, she's 25, so I guess not really girl, has one that is at least the size of a Susan B., maybe? It's what I call pretty big, anyway, and it didn't look so bad. As a matter of fact, I wasn't struck with a sense of "yuck" about it.

How big are we talking your "horror" story? Bigger than a Susan B.?

Shannon said...

Much bigger. Po-ho???? Pooh.

Po-ho said...

Having gone and pulled out a Susan B., I think I am too: I don't think this one was even that big. I'm going to look again tomorrow or whatever, as the girl always where's flipflops (don't even think about it). :-)

Oh, and yeah, I just coined it, I think: poet whore. Po-whore. Then boiling it down to the even more colloquial Po-Ho. hehe

po-ho said...

Dang, I can't even get my "wears" right. Duh-oh! I'm living Homer Simpson style.