Monday, March 17, 2008

Bug Soup

For the next thirty seconds you will be reading a cop-out. Because I am living in a flu-fog this week and can't even read an email and get it to make sense, I'm going to just share a really, really cool fact I ran across last week about one of my favorite subjects--butterflies.

It is simply this: memory survives metamorphosis.

Apparently when the caterpillar turns into bug soup within the chrysalis--with the help of eroding digestive juices (yummy)--the components of the brain that retain memory remain intact.

They apparently learned this by exposing caterpillars to the smell of nail polish remover and at the same time giving them a mild electric shock. The older the caterpillar was when exposed to this combination, the greater his chance of remembering to avoid the smell of nail polish after the metamorphosis.

Nature rocks.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, science can figure that out, yet there you are with the flu.

Shawn said...

Oh, no! Not the flu! We just learned to do the butterfly breath yoga pose today thanks to a cute little Yoga DVD.

Feel better soon!

bella said...

I can't quite explain it, but hearing this bit of science, it made a lot of things make sense to me, like I can feel the wheels turning and the pieces falling into place.
It has something to do with being entirely transformed and yet in some way unaltered. So cool. And what I was needing to hear, in a strange way.
Sorry you have the flu.
Feel better soon.

Scott R. Davis said...

from a postnasal suffering christian, that was pretty funny. remnants remain. scott

Shelli said...

I love butterflies. What a cool fact. Sorry you're sick!

gary said...

What, you wanting some sympathy or something? You'd better pull your panties out of your crack and get your butt up and moving is what I say, you wus! ;-p

Mary Ann (Moanna) said...

How interesting. I love butterflies so am glad you passed this info along.

Hope you're feeling better.