Thursday, February 07, 2008


Thought I'd post a few bits of good news here. First, I have officially typed the last sentence of my novel! I would like to say I've finished it, but with all the editing and filling in of details ahead of me, that would be a big fat lie.

It does feel incredibly good to have it all down though, the whole plot--beginning, middle and end--unfolded and complete. I can now look back at the seeds of its beginnings over three years ago without anxiety over whether I will ever find the time to finish it, find the perfect ending, find myself staring at the words: THE END.

Because I have found all of that and more.

The writing life is good!

On a second happy note--we have made the official decision to move back to Florida this summer. Our house will go on the market in March. Soon sand will replace the hard red clay beneath my feet; a wide open sky will replace monster scrubby trees on rolling hills; balmy breezes will replace frozen toes and saltwater will be my new therapy. I'm going home.

Of course, now we have three weeks to complete a three thousand item list the realtor has provided to get the house ready for sale. I'm sure my euphoria will wax and wane during some of the scrubbing, painting, packing...(what, we have to install a garage door opener?) part. But, right now I am enjoying the joy. Looking forward to the change. Trying not to hug and kiss strangers--that kind of joy.

Okay, just wanted to share. Back to editing I go!


Anonymous said...

If you could see me right now, the first thing you would notice is how hard I'm wagging my tail in happiness for you! First, mucho celebration in getting to that place where typing "The End" is like being reborn. Congratulations! And double congrats on the pending move. May your current home sell quickly, and may you make a lot more on it than you anticipated! Happy Florida! yay!

Shawn said...

As I was rushing the girls inside yet again today from the car I thought to myself -- it just must be so much easier for moms who don't live where the grip of winter can reach them. It just has to be a better way of life. And so, with that, I'm moving in with you in Florida. Yippee!! Roomies!

Shawn said...

Oh, and one more thing: This post is so inspirational to me. I am failing miserably at my goal of writing my novel each week ... and I so just want to get to the end. The End. That's what I want to write most.

J Erwine said...

Congratulations on both. There's nothing in the world quite like the feeling of finishing a novel. Even though the revisions can be daunting, it's still a great feeling.

Tia Nevitt said...

Congratulations on finishing your novel! Yay! Worth a big fat brownie sundae (or your own personal favorite)!

And congrats on your impending move! From one Floridian to another, welcome home!

Shannon said...

Thanks, Christian-that's quite an image! lol And, yes, only good thoughts for a quick sale.

Shawn-you are sooo right about winters being...less complicated there. I thought about that every time I had to put two coats, four sets of shoes and socks and two hats on two struggling toddlers so I know whatcha mean. Throwing them in the car in shorts will be awesome!

J-thanks for dropping by and for the support!

Tia- I didn't know you were a Floridian...very cool. I kind of feel like it's cheating to celebrate before the edits are done, but I could use a big fat brownie just for the hell of

Shelli said...

Congratulations on finishing your novel! That's wonderful! Quite an achievement!

And congrats on going home. It took me a long time to find home, so I can understand your feeling of wanting to go back. I am a Georgia girl, and I LOVE the mild winters here, though I do have to contend with gardening in the red clay.

bella said...

Yeah. Congratulations. I got all giddy just thinking about it. What an accomplishment. Thank-you for sharing it here, letting us know.
And I am happy to hear you are moving back to sand and warmth. I know the time leading up to it will be stressful. But it sounds like you will be returning home. This is lovely.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Congratulations! Getting to The End is the best. Way to go.

:sigh: I really miss Florida. Have fun with your move (or as much fun as any move can be). =o)

Anonymous said...

Indeed a heart shaped surprise to see, hear, find you again at the end which is the beginning.