Thursday, February 28, 2008

Girl Talk

This is called sharing just because I feel like writing.

At the gym this morning I was dropping off the monsters in the monster room when I overheard a pregnant woman behind me laughing and saying something to the effect of "yeah, I'm so glad to be off of bed rest now, I hit thirty eight weeks so they let me come back to the gym." They let her come back to the gym????! And she did???!!

Seriously, when I was on bed rest, I would have been happy if they would have let me walk to the kitchen for my own ice-cream, but if they said "hey, you're about ready to drop that baby anyway, so go ahead and go back to the gym," I would have had a monumental laughing fit and...probably the babies.

Now, for those of you who have never been on bed rest, it is not something you jump up from, get in your car and run back to the gym with a big smile and even bigger belly. Your muscles atrophy, your joints ache, your spirit is basically broken. My bedrest lasted four months and it has taken me exactly two years to jump (struggle) into the car and run (struggle) back to the gym with a small smile and a small-ish belly. But here this woman was--glowing, beautiful and standing without passing out after getting off bed rest!

I have to say, the accomplishment I had felt at even leaving the house this morning in twenty degree weather turned into something small and slimy that I wanted to shake off of my finger.

The moral here I guess is not to compare yourself or what you can handle in life to others but sheesh...

It's hard not being hard on yourself.


gary said...

Well, you're like, what, 50? and that girl was probably 20, so I think I'd take more pride in my own accomplishment if I was you! I mean, at your age, it's a wonder you're able to get out of bed at all, much less having had two little monsters!


I love the safety of virtual correspondence! hahahahahahahahaa Oh, you're just too kind to me.

Shelli said...

I don't blame you for feeling what you do. I mean, was her bed rest, like, two days?!

gary said...

Oh, and yeah, on a moral support note: don't feel bad, my stomach still hasn't recovered from where I had my daughter, and even six years hence, I still find it too painful to make it to the gym. So, you're doing better than me, and even I'm, like, what, fifteen years or so younger than you!


Truth be told, though, I want to hear more about this exotic dancing career of yours. My, oh, my, oh, my!

P.S. As of yesterday, you owe me five more submissions, one of which, on my end, was the first new short I've penned in years. Damn good how it turned out, too. I was impressed even if it was me! :-s I'll be looking for word you sent them. You ever sign up for that PEN link I gave you, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me pass chicken quesadillas through my nose. Last time I ever read YOUR blog again at lunch time!

I'm so happy you're blogging regularly again!

Shannon said...

hmmm, chicken quesadillas through the nose..that may be the closest you ever come to childbirth, lol
Consider it repayment for the Matt Damon video.

Anonymous said...

You're of course assuming that I didn't give birth to several children prior to having a gender reassignment, eh? :~)

Yes, I consider myself well repaid.

bella said...

For what it's worth, I was not/ am not on bed rest and getting my ass to the gym is monumental.
I know those people who claim to love it, get a high. Not me. :)
My hat is off to you for just showing up.

Shawn said...

Ooh, I love girl talk!

And, I'm grateful I never was put on bedrest, but I did most definitely have orders to "take it easy" and even that was miserable. Though, I have to say, I didn't have much energy or strength to do much else but lay/sit down.

I mean, for me, the last two months meant hobbling, literally, from the bed to the bathroom, afraid Liana was going to fall right out and Jadyn was going to press a little further up into my rib cage. Everything. I mean everything. Hurt. Ached.