Friday, November 16, 2007

Tis the Season to be Non-Productive

So, the frost has come, the holidays are bearing down on those who choose to be beared down upon. Last year, I barely looked up from my duty as twin toddler mom to recognize the holidays. This year, I'm in the mood to celebrate my family and friends by paying them some attention. Most of them live out of state so, I thought I'd send each one something special, something thoughtfully created instead of store-bought.

On the first leg of my quest I found this incredibly talented photographer who makes jewelry from her photos. She puts little supportive poetry or messages in each box, too. Very special work. Perfect for my girlie friends.

I've also gone a bit crazy with making personalized photo albums over at Snapfish for family members. I am trying to refrain from forcing pictures of my children upon friends.

So, if my posting seems a bit scarce during these next few weeks, you'll know what I'm busy doing.

Feel free to share any creative gift ideas or links here!


bella said...

Have fun.
I love the personalized gift.
And snapfish could stay in business on my orders alone. :)

Gary said...

Oh, no... you're really starting to sound like... dare I say it? A REAL G U R L, and I mean a really G U R L Y gurl, at that. Oh-hohohoho... Say it ain't so!

Whoever you are, and whatever you've done with Shannon, release her now and no one gets hurt. (How do you do a menacing smiley? That would be good here, so just imagine one).

Shawn said...

Ha ... I knew Gary would write something like that.

I'm just happy you posted ... I was beginning to worry.

I, too, am feeling more spirited this year. Last year was just still to crazy to enjoy it.

We've already started listening to Christmas music. The girls LOVE it.

We spent too much on pictures so the close kin -- grandparents -- will get a photo possibly in a frame, or not. And then we're going to decorate sugar cookies with icing for everyone and put them in cute boxes.

I am going to TRY to host a cookie decorating party for toddlers. We'll see if that happens. Otherwise, it will be just J and L sprinkling colored sugar all over the floor!

For the kids, I'm trying to be creative and ordered some sweet hair bows off an Etsy shop for the girls in our lives. Still working on things for the boys.

We did the Snapfish Calendars last year and they were a huge hit. The picture will have to due this year.

dreamergirl said...

I'm going for personalized gifts this year too. I'm making some mix for hot cacoa for some friends for example. Maybe I'll add some homemade cookies to it :)

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to a season of quiet reflection, interrupted by moments of sheer madness. My best to you with your personalized holiday!