Monday, November 05, 2007

Sylvia Plath

I rented the movie Sylvia last week. The movie rental place called and wants it back. I was waiting to be in a stronger state of mind, but tonight had to do. Gwyneth Paltrow did an amazing job. I wish Sylvia had created a different world for herself. I'm sure there was much left to be written. It was a heartbreaking movie. A heartbreaking life.

Dear Sylvia,

When do you write?

The need that you can’t answer
weighs on your shoulders, your mind-
Suffocating each thought
under the only
thought that you can muster-
The thought of darkness,
Of silence.
The utter gray of your days
Is this not dark enough?
Or do you write between the rage
the betrayals
the pushing and the pulling that
you do not intend to win?
Do you write while death
whispers in your ear?
Do you write
while the worst you can create-
Instead of bleeding ink on dry paper-
Crackles to life
Surrounds you in a fog
Consumes you from the inside out?
In the hours when you decide to
Put on lipstick?
In the hours when all you can do is sit
And rock
And rock
Alone on the edge
Of your bed?
Unmoored now…

Do you write?


Gary said...

Good write. The movement of the poem is very precise.

I think one of the parts of the movie I was most appreciative of was the scene in which she says something to the effect that that which we fear most we tend to create for ourselves, or that if we fear something enough, rather, we will.

I believe that.

Shannon said...

Thanks, G. I don't know if I would call it a poem, more like a reaction. Yeah, that was a great line "I was so afraid of someone taking him away from me...that woman...I conjured her."
She was a smart lady.

Shelli said...

This is a coincidence because I happen to be reading The Bell Jar for the first time. A woman in my writing group just spoke about it, and I knew I had a copy collecting dust. So, I pulled it out. I'm enjoying it very much. It's not what I expected it to be. But I feel her depression between the lines, and it makes me sad. I plan to rent the movie when I'm finished reading it.

Shannon said...

Coincidence or serendipity? :-)

Gary said...

As you know, she's my favorite, or closely tied with Alice Walker for the role, anyway.

However, way back, I lost a great deal of respect for her, and it it was a long time forgiving her for this:

from what I understand, and I'm not sure this is accurately depicted in the movie, it's been so long since I watched it, but she purportedly did herself in with the oven with her child still in the house. I may have my facts wrong, but from what I remember of my bios of her, that was the case.

I still balk at a read of her when I think of that sometimes.

Shawn said...

First, I'm just impressed that your movie rental place calls to ask for movies back ...

Second, I guess that movie came out while I was inundated with twindome or something because I didn't even know about it.

Third, your poetry (reaction) is really very, very lovely.

Shannon said...

Thanks, Shawn- actually the movie rental place hadn't heard of it either, so don't feel bad.

& yes, the kids were in the bedroom. The movie showed that she taped up the door so they would be safe (and left bread and milk in the room with them)
This is why I wanted to be in a stronger place when I watched it.

Anonymous said...

I used to think I was Plath. Then the drugs wore off...

Anonymous said...

Yes she does write, after the movie is over and the kitchen goes dark and the writer picks up a pen or pauses over a keyboard and plucks out, "When do you write?" She's writing still.

Karen Beth said...

I loved the movie Sylvia and would like to see it again... it has been too long. The movie is powerful but would have to be to accomodate a figure such as Plath herself. I also thought that Gywneth did a great job. Might go rent it out this weekend. Thanks for the reminder. :)

Karen Beth :)

arboleda said...

what is the name of the movie?
thank you for your answer