Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tumble, tumble...

The thing about being a writer is we are all other things as well. We have other jobs, other responsibilities, many different directions our energies are needed. At this moment, this is my biggest challenge.

Life has changed. I am drained but I am tumbling back down the mountain to rejoin the living. I am feeling the ebb more than the flow and empty of creation, but I am still a writer and the universe will not let me forget it.

On a flight this week, my husband sat next to a lady from Canada.

"You'll never believe what she does for a living!" he says to me. "She's a molecular biologist! She has created chimeras!"

For those of you who know what I write about, you can imagine what a thrill this was for me. I have been trying to get a molecular biologist to consult on the part I'm currently working on and haven't been able to get a response. And when he told her about my current book, she replied,

"Now that's serendipity."

Yes, it is.

Time to dig back into the novel.


Anonymous said...

Yay! That's incredibly serendipitous...and the Law of Attraction at work, bay-bee! Woo hoo!

bella said...


Serendipity indeed.

Enjoy diving back in.

Shawn said...

Glad to see your post today! You belong how here with the rest of us.

That is a great story. It's things like that throughout a day that keep us going, as tough as it is sometimes.