Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Moving On

What I'm working on: a speculative fiction story for the Futuristic Motherhood Book. Thanks to Shawn for bringing this contest to my attention. It is actually right up my alley, except for the whole "pressure of a deadline" thing. Which I don't do well. Which is why I don't freelance. Anyway, I think it's coming together, but time is not my friend on this one. If you write speculative fiction at all, you should check it out.

What my subconscious is apparently working on behind my back: poetry

Last night I got up in the middle of the night and wrote this one down:

Sex and Evolution

Dawn flicked out his tongue
And licked night away.
Stars crackled and died--
Once again in his glory--
Leaving nothing alive but today.
His light melted galaxies
And rose to be our god,
Nothing exists beyond light or love
Except perhaps another day.

I really have no idea what I was thinking...or my mind was thinking without me. Ahhh, the mystery of where words come from...and why they wake us up like a freakin' four alarm fire drill at three in the morning.


Shawn said...

I'm so glad that you are participating in that contest ... don't think of it as a deadline, but as a goal. I like to set my goals a day or two ahead of the real deadline.

I was woken about 3 this morning as well, but I just needed some water and to dwell on some life stresses. : )

I haven't had a poem like that come to me in a long time ... great stuff!

Shannon said...

gee, I wonder what your life stresses (X2) are? :-)

Gary said...

I like your subconscious! :-D You should let it have it's way with you more often! LMBO. ;-p

Gary said...

I have to admit, I was disappointed about one thing, here, though: when you mentioned the submission, I was expecting a post of the actual story, too, like you did with the rejection letter. I was, like, "ooh, a treat." Then you didn't deliver the goods (not that the poem wasn't an treat to, and just because you wrote and posted it). Shame on you, we, your readers, what the complete goods!!!! ;-p

Shannon said...

Well, silly--if I posted it, it would be considered already published so I couldn't submit it. I only post things I have no intention of submitting or have to rewrite. Strange but true!

Gary said...

That's how it works sometimes! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the concept of "futuristic motherhood."

For me, it's not words that wake me up at 3 a.m., but dogs. :~D

Shannon said...

Ah, a single father :-) Sometimes I think my four legged baby is more demanding than my two legged ones. Of course, I don't have a bed on the floor either, so no easy access for cold noses at 3 a.m ...ahem, Christian.