Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I do believe the evil showtime gods are conspiring to seduce me back into the mind numbing cult known as cable TV. Here's how I know:

Latest temptation

David Duchovny! A story about a writer! In California???? It's being touted as a male "Sex in the City". Just plain mean and unfair. MEAN, Showtime. I have just barely gotten over my X-Files addiction and I mean, Dexter is bad enough. A serial killer working in forensics...brilliant. The books are great, full of humor and death. I resisted your 89 godzillion dollar a month plan, though. BUT now...David a writer! You've gone too far and...

I think I'll be knocking on my neigbors door on Monday night...say around 10:30???


Shawn said...

Oh, goodness ... hadn't heard of this. I don't need anything to remind me of SATC as I sit waiting not-so-patiently for SATC movie. And, yes, I agree ... a show about a writer. And, a cutie, too.

I do not get Showtime, nor am I willing to pay for it, so I'm safe. I doubt my neighbors are into it.

bella said...

For me it is ALL about Weeds. Love that show. And I don't get Showtime so thank goodness these shows are released on DVD. As much as I love movies there is something so satisfying about serial watching, episode after episode, characters fully fleshed out.

Nienke Hinton said...

I'll give up sleep before I give up my favorite shows. And, now it looks like I may have another show to add to that list!