Thursday, January 04, 2007

B-Day Thoughts

Today is one of those days for me that begins with a "B" and ends with a "day."

Now that I'm an official adult with a family, bills, dreams, dishes and dogs I don't find the appeal in celebrating being a year older. Especially after the New Year begins and there's all this pressure to examine your life, to make resolutions, to be a better version of yourself. Three days later I'm reminded that I better get a move on cuz the clock is counting down.

Actually, in the past few years...after the shock of thirty...I decided that I would try to remember today as a day to celebrate--not being older--but being alive. So, I'm alive, which is a great feeling really when you concentrate on it.

I will have chocolate cake, kiss my kids and my dog, take a moment to let the sun warm my face, read and be thankful that I am still part of the pattern that makes up this crazy universe.

...oh, and of course, hope that this year some of my writing will see the light of day!


Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day!

You were born under the sign of Capricorn and are known by others to be the type of person who has your feet planted firmly on the ground. Always practical and cautious in everything you do, you are extremely self-contained and at times this bothers you; you wish it could be otherwise. It takes you quite a while to open up emotionally and express your deeper feelings. You would rather be a little suspicious and take your time in getting to know someone rather than making blunders by being too impulsive.

You need to deliberately think things through and always with a view to safeguarding your material security and financial interests. You see hard work and commitment to your goals and ideals as essential if you are to make this happen. You are resourceful and even if you don’t have financial or emotional support, you’re prepared to go it alone and see your dreams come true. At times a pessimist, you would argue that this is simply being realistic and not expecting too much from life, only what you deserve. Your key life phrase may even be “Expect the worst, but hope for the best”.

You are very traditional in many ways and like to do things in a manner that is comfortable and familiar to you. Others could sometimes see you as a stick in the mud, but this doesn’t bother you. You are not afraid of being alone and would prefer to do things on your own terms rather than compromise to please others.

Your serious demeanour may often be mistaken for an elitist attitude, which makes others feel as if you are looking down on them. This is not correct. You are a good judge of character because you do not get carried away by superficialities and are very aware of the consequences of entering into any friendship or business partnership.

Once others get to know you, they will come to realise that you are a completely trustworthy and dependable individual, who can be counted on to fulfil their interests and needs. Though they may feel you drive a hard bargain, in the end they will appreciate your integrity and the way you follow through on your word. You also have the ability to withstand any trials and tribulations thrown at you, and family and friends are quite amazed to see just how well you weather the storms of life.

You can handle responsibility and are often found to be in some position of trust or authority where your balanced view and traditional methods of handling any situation becomes an asset to those you work for. Your disciplined focus is due to Saturn ruling Capricorn, which endows you with excellent concentration and a capacity for hard and sustained work.

Your totem, the goat, accurately symbolises your journey through life. The rocky, mountainous terrain is easily accessible to this animal in its journey to the top. You may not achieve your ambitions as quickly or easily as others, but in the end you will triumph.

Shannon said...

Capricorn...the Volvo of the zodiac! Actually this:

"You may not achieve your ambitions as quickly or easily as others, but in the end you will triumph." very reassuring. I think I'll hold on to that. Thanks, Christian.

Ron Estrada said...

Mines worse. It's Dec. 30th and I hit 40 this time. I'm rather pleased, actually. I got a photo the other day of my best friend from junior high. He looked older than me than and all the girls loved him. And now...he looks A LOT older than me and he's just now getting married. And my wife's way cuter. Am I being petty? I can do that. I'm 40.

Shannon said...

I love that you judge your success at forty on how cute your wife is...that's funny! Dec. 30th is a tough one. My twins we born on Dec. 28th and I know they're going to hate us for that later. We did make sure the Christmas decorations were all down so they could have their own holiday unimpeded.

Anyway, Happy belated B-day! I wonder what the stats are on Capricorn writers?

Joe Moore said...


Happy Birthday from a fellow Capricorn writer. :-)


Shannon said...

Hi Joe- Now, that's encouraging! I feel like I'm in good company. I guess "practical and cautious" are compatible with creative success. :-)

ps. The Last Secret and The Grail Conspiracy are in my cue...I'm on an inspirational reading quest right now. I'll be sure to let you know how I'm doing with them.