Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sticking a Tentative Toe In the Water

If you've found this little obscure experiment I'm doing, then welcome! My goal is to get used to the idea that if I want to be a "paid writer" I have to actually let people read the stuff I pull out of my head and immortalize on paper(or even worse-on the web). Scary...terrifying, really. Rejection, ridicule, people coming at you with sedatives and pretty white jackets--never fun. But, anyway, back to my purpose, cuz there is actually another one. This one is for those of you who have just realized that you don't just write but you are "a writer" and are ready to fight the good fight to prove it.

I'm going to share my writing journey, and maybe by accident I will say something to inspire you to begin yours. The real stepping stones along the journey so far have seemed to be bits of knowledge gleemed from various sources: those who have stumbled down the path before me, trial & error, and the courage & wisdom of those other writers. So that will be the theme of this experiment--sharing. Here's my official first sentiment about writing:

Since this is one of those professions that you can do for ten, twenty years...even a life-time without making a dime, you really must enjoy the actual grueling, heartbreaking, isolating, self-fulfilling process. It's like everything in life, it takes time. Yes, keep your eye on getting published, but enjoy every day that you get to spend doing what you love.


Anonymous said...

Welcome! I tried to post this comment a few days ago, but for some reason was unable to.

Hope you find your journey through the blogging world enjoyable and fulfilling! It can be very amazing.

All the best,

Shannon said...

Hi Christian, and thanks! I've taken a few minutes to peruse your site and will add you to my growing list of "must read blogs." It really is addicting, but I can't think of a better way to spend some down time then meeting interesting, talented people that are open enough to put themselves out there. Good luck with your writing also and thanks for the link add!