Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Imposter Muse

I recently found my writing muse laying on the side of Creative Road, apparently suffering from exhaustion and (possibly a bit of dementia), her delicate wings soaked in baby drool; glassy eyed and trying to curl into a tight little ball. So, I've sent her packing to one of those trendy muse rehab numbers and am working on the acrylic painting I mentioned.

Here's a piece of it. It's not finished, and I'm not going to share the whole thing because I'm just not that cruel. I realize retinas are important to most people. But, I am enjoying this new release, and besides being relaxing, it has an added bonus of satisfying this wierd craving I've had for color in my life lately.

My mother is a painter. My brother is a graphic artist. My daughter is an exceptionally talented artist without even really having an interest in it. In fact, her painting just won 2nd place at the state fair.

Me--I'm definitely a writer.

But having fun at the moment pretending to be an artist.


rebecca said...

but you are an artist! you may not paint a canvas with colors the way your mother or your daughter do, but you paint beautiful pictures with words and its vibrancy shines through....hence, ART.

Anonymous said...

Creative cross-training is one of the best ways to stimulate creativity in your writing! Good for you!

bella said...

I too love painting and other art forms, not as replacement for writing or because I fancy myself a "real" artist but because the release is amazing. It feels like it feeds my creativity which feeds me writing.
Great post.ai

Shawn said...

I have longed to paint a canvas for years!! Years, I tell ya. I've never dared. I think it's one of those things I think seem much easier than it is, and therefore I like the idea of wanting to do it, rather than doing it. That, and I've never had the extra cash around to buy the stuff needed.

I'm proud of you for venturing out, and freeing that drag who was keeping you down.: )

Perhaps when she returns she will be lovelier than ever.

And, I'm proud that you can do this with two toddlers in your house. Um, are you feeling OK?

Shannon said...

Rebecca-I guess growing up around visual artists, it feels uncomfortable to label myself as one, even though I do agree that writing is an artform.

Christian-I think one of your posts planted the seed...or created the itch or something like that. :-P

Bella- I just read this about you wanting to paint on your blog and had to laugh. Must be a bug. Love that list by the way!

Shawn- It IS one of those things that seems easier than it is. As for cost, I got a small box of starter acrylics for $6 at A.C. Moore. As far as feeling okay...ummm, I think I've been consuming too much caffeine. But, whatever works, right? lol

marta said...

I liked this post...I want to be a writer and an artist and feel often as if I don't manage either. I also noted that you live in Florida, which is where I am from and where my novels are set. Anyway, glad to happen across your blog.

Shannon said...

Hi, Marta. I'd say if you're taking the time to write novels, you ARE a writer but we do tend to be an insecure breed, don't we?
I've been away from Florida for a few years, but will be moving back next year. Miss it!