Monday, May 21, 2007

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Okay, let's talk about something not quite so serious as death by whopper.

Namely, ghosts. Do you believe in them?

My mother took a tour of Nemacolin Castle in Pa. this weekend. It was a ghost tour actually. Now before you start moaning and rolling your eyes--stop it, I can see you--there has been lots of documented unexplained activity in this castle, from so called paranormal investigators (which were there this weekend as well) and also regular folks. My mother experienced lots of weird things during the tour, of which I will spare you the details so you don't sprain an eyeball, but the most amazing thing was something she saw when she got home. A picture that she took in the tea room. She was taking a picture of the table with a tea set, but in the left side of the frame is an original gilded mirror. In the reflection of the mirror, you can see the back of my Aunt who was standing across the room and...a ghost. Seriously. You can see a man leaning against the wall right in front of my Aunt, wearing a white silk shirt. You can even make out a large square ring on his middle finger. He appears to be looking right at the camera, and has a mustache. Of course my Aunt was amazed when she saw it. She would have remembered some wierdo in a fancy silk shirt and pimp ring standing in front of her. My mother printed out the picture and took it back to the castle to talk to the investigators. They seemed skeptical! Isn't that funny? The woman explained to her that they had to be skeptical as most things eventually are explainable. There were only 11 people on the tour. None of them were wearing a white silk shirt, none of them remotely resembled the man in the mirror. She tried to take more pictures of the tea room at that exact angle, putting a friend against the same wall for comparison. She said it took forever. Her batteries drained twice. The camera froze up and one of the investigators told her to try leaving the room, where it suddenly came back on. They were all excited by this. They asked her to send them the picture so they can analyze it, sharpen the image or whatever. Can't wait to hear the consensus. Weird pimp guy or spirit?

So, anyway...back to the question. I would like to believe in ghosts. I would like to believe there is something beyond death. I will tell you that a picture of a ghost would be more likely to convince me of the existence of souls and the great beyond than any religion would. But, I just don't have any solid evidence. No one does. It's all about faith...again.

Something that would make sense to me is the theory of energy being engrained in space/time. I guess if a person repeats the same activity all their life, say going up and down the same stairs, than they could be engraining that image for others to view later. Sort of like when you get older and you notice that all the lines you have around your mouth and eyes are the ones created by years of smiling. They are permanent now. Like the engrained images of people's past energy maybe?

If you're interested, here's a link to the top believable ghost pictures of all time:

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Anonymous said...

HEY! Can we see the ghost picture? Seriously.

I do believe in spirits that are relegated to hovering in a state between life and After, and I've had many ghostly experiences. Much of my writing currently deals with these events.