Sunday, March 11, 2007


I feel a few sparks from the ol' fried brain this morning, so I guess I'll attempt to write here and see what happens.

Besides crawling slowly through the soul-sucking muck that is the last stretch of winter, I have been busy re-working my first book. It's a scary prospect, reading something you wrote years ago. I'm not the same person I was back then. So, would I still think it worthy of requerying? Would I even still like it? Gratefully, I did. I am a firm believer that we write the books that we want to read. So, visiting the characters again was great fun.

I did change the beginning to add more urgency to something the main character had to do. This was actually suggested to me by an agent a while back but I thought "no, no...the urgency isn't there because the character is depressed and depressed people have no urgency." But, I've learned quite a lot about hooking the reader since then and damn it, she was right. I hate when that happens. I also fixed a horrible punctuation mistake that I made through the entire book. How embarrassing. Then, I packed it up and sent it off to a writer/saint that agreed to read it for a possible blurb! Very excited about that.

I've also been immersed in book two and am almost at 100 pages. That will take up the bulk of my free time now as I'm at the point where I'm thinking about it constantly...which includes waking up in the middle of the night with pieces of dialog or whatever forcing me to find my little broken reading light and write things down. Apparently, my subconscious is a workaholic. Can't say I'm not having fun though.

I leave you with a poem for the mood of a Monday.

"I've given up on my brain.
I've torn the cloth to shreds
and thrown it away.

If you're not completely naked,
wrap your beautiful robe of words
around you

and sleep."


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Anonymous said...

Here's sending you some extra creative energy! *poof!*
Hope it helps....and happy writing!