Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Questions Need Answers

Working on THE MOTHERCODE this past week has consisted of tweaking and rewriting only. Ug. I'm at the point where I really need some clarification of my ideas...if they will be remotely possible in the future. I've written to a few experts with some questions, but so far--no response. I realize everyone is busy with creating their own successful lives, but a little charity thrown at one little writer by way of answering a few questions--is this too much to ask?

Actually, I didn't expect most of them to answer as I tend to shoot high and contacted the superstar scientists first. I will move my way down the totem pole and I'm sure some lab rat in some university somewhere--with their imagination and good will still in tact-- will decide it will be worth taking a few moments to reply and see their name in the acknowledgement section of my novel one day. This is my hope, anyway.

I really want to get the science as close to future reality as possible, so I'll pose one of my most important questions here in case some lab rat googles "lat rat" and can help:

Will it eventually be feasible to get a human artificial chromosome into an adult germ cell by way of some kind of vaccine? (emphasis on the germ cell)

As a side note, I'm wondering how this whole email communication thing is affecting how we relate to each other. It's so easy to pop off an email...and so easy to ignore them. At least in the letter writing days, you knew someone actually took the time to get a hand cramp and a sticky tongue, walk to the mailbox and lift the flag, so you felt obligated to at least acknowledge the letter.

Do we just not appreciate carpel tunnel and the energy it takes to hit "send"?

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